Usecase of this APP

Below description is executed on your smartphone.

1. Launch this App.

2. Push the Location for confirm your current location.

3. SKETCH your memo on the screen

3-1. Push the Penbutton for switching to the "Drawing mode "

3-2. Sketch on the map anything you want to memorize.

3-3. If your canvas(screen) is end before finish your sketch, multi finger scroll pull out new canvas.

No need to push the draw button -> scroll -> push the draw button again.

4. Upload your sketch to your OSM account site

4-1. Push the Upload button.

4-2. Input some information and push the "Upload" button on the upper right.

"OSM ID" is mean your OpenStreetMapaccount, and "Password" is mean login password for OpenStreetMap.
If you feel no need to modified the detail, only push "upload" button".


Below description is executed on your PC.

5. Login the OpenStreetMap by your account

6. See your "GPS Traces" page and "See your traces" to see your SKETCH data.

Below is described for ID editor user. Potlatch2 and JOSM are different way to use your sketch data.

7. Download the GPX file in your PC

8. Click the "edit" link and launch OSM editor

9. Overlay the GPX file on the editor screen


10. Mapping as you sketch!

example to overlay sketch data.
(C) iD